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A joke how the millionaire interviewed, having asked, as he has earned first million. on what in the answer have heard long enough story about its labour career in which end he has told that its grandmother has unexpectedly died, and it has received the insurance for a great sum. the amusing joke but if to think, here there is a certain sense: Insurance Is that product which will allow you to take care of your relatives and relatives if, god forbid, with you something happens. and in a case to certain quantity of years - to provide to you a worthy old age!

Any, having rummaged in the head, will remember pair a three of accidents occurred to your relatives and friends or friends of your friends, or simply casual passers-by. and all of us perfectly we understand that on their place could appear and we. that though somehow will secure itself and the relatives, we offer you services on To insurance upon accidents and illnesses. they will help you to prevent those financial difficulties which are involved usually by accident or illness approach, seriously affecting a financial position of your family.

If you address in local polyclinic, whether you are assured, what receive the qualified help? we believe that the few can answer this question in the affirmative. after all at present financing of polyclinics and rare modernisation of the medical equipment it is difficult enough to doctors to perform the work qualitatively and professionally. we offer you an exit from the given situation.

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