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All who are happy owners though any vehicle perfectly know a present situation on roads: more than hundred road accidents in day, some tens stealings and any automobile swindle. hardly who from owners of cars is assured on 100 % that can avoid all it and especially to indemnify the caused loss in case of road accident. about stealing or swindle cases and there is nothing to speak, still it is far not many in sew to the country have possibility to change the car "as gloves", therefore for the decision of these problems and confidence on roads we offer you:

Land Transport.

- Of cargoes, Of cargoes. it will help not only to secure your business, but also will help to keep and strengthen business relations with your partners, and affairs, it appears, will conduct much more easy.

-  - Responsibility Building -Assembly Risks.

Any succeeding businessman perfectly knows, the success of all business how much strongly depends on clearness of execution of the contracts concluded by it and from reliability and solvency of the counterpart. but, alas, today to businessmen frequently to have to go on huge risk, concluding transactions with counterparts about which financial condition they almost know nothing and if know frequently the data given by other party, appear "exaggerated". but as it seems to us, there is an exit from a current situation is Of default Contractual Obligations, Risks, .

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