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     Devices .


    section Reception Contains a necessary material for repair and adjustment of automobile sound-reproducing equipment. here you can find technical characteristics, schemes basic and the work description, an arrangement of basic elements and knots on the chassis, the table of pressure, the data, kinematic schemes devices, sketches of mechanisms of adjustment and another.Читать:

    Regulators of pressure

    Regulators of pressure - .

    Generators, accumulators, ignition.

    Characteristic malfunctions of generators and methods of their elimination - the big section, here are considered: check of generating installations; winding check ; check knot; check knot and contact rings of a rotor; check of bearings and seats under the bearing in covers; repair generators; repair of windings and a rotor; repair blocks.

    Signalling devices and indicators

    Signalling devices and indicators - ..

    Of the relay of indexes of turns

    Elimination of malfunctions in the relay of indexes of turn - the offered method is developed for cars "zhiguli" and "muscovite". however use and on cars of other marks is possible. so, for example, separate knots of these devices have been applied by the author of this site at repair of import cars.


     Devices - for protection of the car, garage, a summer residence...

    Simple autowatchman - the watchman consumes from the battery of accumulators in a mode on duty a current no more than 180 ...

    The security device with switching-off of "weight" - works at disconnected from the case of the battery and in a protection mode practically does not consume the electric power, has the chain of the anticreeping blocking excluding giving of pressure in an onboard network without knowledge of "secret" even at closed contacts of the lock of ignition.

    Diagnostics and control

    Voltmeters-diagnosticians - simple devices for control and diagnostics of a condition of the accumulator of the car and a motorcycle.

    Electronic diagnostician - allows to find out quickly compression decrease in one of cylinders, deterioration because of malfunction of a spark plug or a high-voltage chain, increase in backlashes in knot of a drive of valves, non-uniform distribution mixes on cylinders.

    A quasianalog tachometre with a light-emitting diode scale.

    A linear scale tachometre

    Modernization a tachometre.


    The regulator of steps of screen wiper - this regulator is calculated on use of the regular switch of operating modes of a screen wiper and is contactless.

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